Datong Car Rental

Delightcar, a local China company, provides affordable private car rental service in Datong (大同) and surrounding areas. We have a variety of vehicles to meet your special needs and budget. You can choose to use economic car, standard car, luxury sedan, minivan or big coach.

All our drivers are local people with years of experience and knows local places well. They can take you to your destinations fast and safely.


Datong is an important city situated in northern Shanxi Province. It is a historical city with many famous tourist attractions. Hiring a private car with driver in Datong will make it much easier to explore all of the attractions here. No matter for airport or railway station transfer service or visiting historic relics such as Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Monastery, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda and Wutaishan Mountain. Our cheap and reliable car service is always available for you.


Our Datong car service (with driver) includes

1. Daily car service in the city.
2. Datong airport transfer.
3. Car service to Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Temple, Wutai Mountain, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda or combined.
4. Intercity transfers between Datong and Taiyuan , Pingyao, Beijing.
5. English- speaking tour guide.

Datong Car Rental Rates

The following full day car service price is based on 8 hours use.
Car PicturesCar TypeSeatsDatong Airport TransferYungang Grottoes and BackHanging Temple and BackHangping Temple & Wooden Pagoda and backWutaishan Mountain One Way Transfer
economic car
Hyundai Elantra4$40$70$90$120$160
comfort carPassat or similar4$45$80$120$160$180
Refine Business van6$50$120$140$175$195
business vanBuick GL86$55$135$160$210$240
Jiulong van12$90$150$180$240$290
kinglong coach 35King Long33$150$200$260$320$350
coach busesKing Long45$160$220$290$360$390


1. Our Datong car service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. The car rates above include driver, car, fuel, toll and parking, no hidden charges.
3. Our driver will pick up holding a piece of paper with your name.
4. You can reach us by our 24 hours English speaking phone support.
5. Deposit payment needs to be made when booking is confirmed.
6. Please check our cancellation policy here.
7. English speaking guide is also available as per request.

Datong English Speaking Tour Guide

Price in USD
ServiceFull Day Service (8 hours)Extra Hour Rate (per hour)
English-speaking tour guideUSD75USD10


Tel: +86 151 0108 7860
Email: booking@delightcar.com
WeChat: delightcar

Datong Map

Datong Airport
Datong Yungang Airport(大同云冈机场) is 17 km east of the Datong city center. It takes about 30 minutes ride. The airport check-in counters are closed 30 minutes before flight departure. Passengers are advised to leave Datong city 2 hours in advance.

Yungang Grottoes 
Yungang Grottoes (云冈石窟)is 16 km west of Datong city and 33 km from Datong Airport. The opening hours is 8:30 – 17:00 and ticket fee CNY120.  Recommended visiting time is two hours.

The Hanging Monastery
Hanging Monastery (or Hanging Temple 悬空寺) is located at the foot of Mt. Hengshan, about 85 km south of Datong city, the driving time is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Opening hours is from 8:30 to 17:00 and entrance fee is CNY130,  Recommend to visit it for two hours.

YingXian Wooden Pagoda
Yingxian Wooden Pagoda (应县木塔) is about 90km far from Datong city, it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes ride.  Opening hours is 8:30-18:00 and entrance fee is CNY50.  It is advised to visit there for two hours.  You can make one day tour combining the Hanging Monastery and YingXian Wooden Pagoda.

Wutai Mountain 
Wutai Mountain (五台山) is 310 km south of Datong city. it takes about 4 hours ride. The tourist spot is open all day all year round and tickets are available 24 hours every day. The entrance fee is CNY168. Travelers are advised to visit there for one or two days and are recommended to stay in the hotels inside of the tourist spot like Taihuai Town.

Pingyao Ancient City
Pingyao Ancient City (平遥古城) is 400 km south of Datong city. The driving time is around 5 hours. It opens all day all year round with no tickets required. Please be noted that All non-Pingyao car is not allowed to enter inside Pingyao Ancient City and only drop you off outside of Pingyao City Walls, passengers can rent electric car to take you to hotels inside Pingyao Ancient City.

Distance of Datong City to Different Places

Datong – Datong Yungang Airport 17km 30 minutes drive
Datong – Datong Yungang Grottoes 16km 30 minutes drive
Datong – The Hanging Monastery 85km 1 hour and 20 minutes drive
Datong – YingXian Wooden Pagoda 90km 1 hour and 20 minutes drive
Datong – Wutai Mountain 310km 4 hours drive
Datong -Pingyao Ancient City 400km 5 hours and 30 minutes drive
Datong – Beijing 380km 5 hours and 30 minutes drive
Datong – Taiyuan 280km 3 hours and 35 minutes drive

Major Attractions in Datong

  • Yungang Grottoes (云冈石窟) 08:30~17:30  CNY120
  • Mt. Hengshan (恒山) 8:00-18:00 CNY55
  • Hanging Monastery (悬空寺)  08:30~17:30  CNY130
  • YingXian Wooden Pagoda (应县木塔) 7:00-18:00 CNY60
  • Huayan Monastery (华严寺) 8:30-17:30 CNY65
  • Shanhua Temple (善化寺) 8:00-17:30 CNY50
  • Nine-Dragon Screen (九龙壁)  6:30-20:00 Free
  • Yanmenguan Pass (雁门关) 8:00-18:00 CNY90
  • Datong Great Wall (大同城墙) All day open, Free
  • Wutai Mountain 24 hours, CNY168

Advised size of vehicle you need

1-2 Passengers – 4 seats car
3-5 Passengers – 6 seats van
6-12 Passengers – 17 seats van
13-25 Passengers –  33 seats coach
26-40 Passengers  – 51 seats coach
We offer clean and comfortable vehicles with professional drivers. The above car size suggestion is based on 1 person with 1 big luggage. If you have more luggage, consider a bigger size vehicle.


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