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Pingyao Ancient City ( 平遥古城 World Cultural Heritage), located 94 km southwest of Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province, is famous for its architectural style town built in Imperial China. Pingyao is just a small town but an important financial center of China during the 18th century.


Visitors can find famous tourist attractions such as Ancient Ming and Qing Street, Rishengchang Exchange Shop and County Government Museum in the town. However for tourist spots outside the cities such as Mount Wutai, Qiao Family Compound, Wang Family Compound, visitors need to rent a car to see them.

Delight car provides professional private car services between the city, tourist sites, airport and railway stations. We have a full  range of vehicles from economic car, van and tour coaches. Our experienced driver will provide you a reliable and relaxed ride experience.


Our Pingyao car rental services include

  1. Car transfer between Pingyao, railway station and Taiyuan Airport.
  2. Car hire service to nearby tourist attractions such as Mount Wutai, Qiao Family Compound, Mianshan Mountain.
  3. Intercity transfer to Taiyuan and Datong

Pingyao Car Rental Rates

The following full day car service price is based on 8 hours use.
Car PicturesCar TypeSeatsPingyao Railway Station - PingyaoTaiyuan - Pingyao Transfer (Single)Pingyao - Qiao Family CompoundPingyao - Mount Wutai Shan Transfer (Single)
economic car
Hyundai Elantra 4 $45$100$55$190
comfort carPassat or similar4$50$105$75$320
business vanBuick GL8 or similar6$70$ 150$105$350
Jiulong van13$100$200$160$390
kinglong coach 35King Long33$160$290$180$450
coach busesKing Long45$180$340$210$530


1. The price above includes car, driver, fuel, parking, no hidden fee.
2. Your driver will hold a piece of paper with your name to pick you up from airport/railway station/hotel.
3. Please note that cars are not allowed to run inside the city. If you stay in a hotel inside of the ancient city wall, you will need to go to the nearest city wall gate for pick-up.
4. Deposit payment is needed when service is confirmed.
5. Please click here to check our cancellation policy.
6. We provide 24 hours English phone support.


Tel: +86 151 0108 7860
WeChat ID: delightcar

Pingyao Map

Distances of Pingyao to Different Places and Driving Hours

  • Pingyao – Taiyuan Wusu International Airport 100 km, 1 hour 40 minutes drive
  • Pingyao – Taiyuan 110 km, 2 hours drive.
  • Pingyao – Qiao Family Compound 40 km, 1hours drive
  • Pingyao – Mount Wutai Shan 320 km,  4.5 hours drive
  • Pingyao  – Mianshan Mountain 55 km, 1 hour drive
  • PIngyao – Datong 400 km, 5.5 hours drive

Major Attractions in Pingyao

  • Pingyao Ancient City 平遥古城, 24 hours, CNY125
  • Ming Qing Street 明清街 24 hours  Free of Charge
  • Qiao Family Courtyard 乔家大院 08:30~18:30 CNY115
  • Wang Family Courtyard 王家大院 08:00~19:00 CNY55
  • Rishengchang Exchange Shop 日升昌票号 Free
  • Shuanglin Temple 双林寺 8:00-19:30 CNY40
  • Chang Family Compound 常家庄园 8:00-18:30 CNY80
  • Zhangbi Ancient Castle 张壁古堡 8:00-18:00 CNY60
  • Mianshan Mountain 绵山 9:00-21:00 CNY105
  • Mengshan Giant Buddha 蒙山大佛 08:00-17:00 CNY70

Advised size of vehicle you need

1-2 Passengers – 4 seats  car
3-5 Passengers – 6 seats van
6-12 Passengers – 17 seats van
13-25 Passengers –  33 seats coach
26-40 Passengers  – 51 seats coach
We offer clean and comfortable vehicles with professional drivers. The above suggestion is based on 1 person with 1 big luggage. If you have more luggage, please consider a bigger size vehicle.


  1. Hi Sophie,
    I would like to know your availability and price for a transfer from Pingyao Ancient City to Xi’an on the 4th October starting at 9am for a family of 5 persons (including a child of 3 years old).

  2. Jerry koontz

    We are looking to hire a car and driver for the 25th to go fro Pingyao to Taiyuan train station. The train departs at 9:00am.

  3. Jerry koontz

    Is there a Pingyao to Beijing service?

  4. Punal Bhavsar

    Hello looking to hire a car from Taiyun Airport to Pingyao on September 20th, 2018.

  5. hi,
    we are 2 persons. we are staying in pingyao and would like to go to the Qiao Family Compound and the Shuanglin temple.
    please tell us the price

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