Mission Statement

Mission Statement delightcar

Delightcar Limo Service aims to provide first-rate transportation service to all customers in China by giving an unmatched level of service that lay great stress on safety, reliability, comfort and details.

In order to accomplish our mission, Delightcar has continually employed the most professional drivers in the industry. We carry out periodical driver training courses to make sure that each customer travels safely and securely with our service.

We have adopted the most complete service control standard, which helped us to give quick and efficient service to all travelers, both when booking car service and travelling in our cars.

As we continue to improve our customer supporting system.We can meet clients with various transportation demands. No matter is is business or pleasure, our 24 hours supporting service made us become the most widely recognized and favored car and limousine service in China.

We wish to thank all our staff for their loyalty and hard work by keeping to use improved ways to serve our customers.