Do you have a question about your booking? Below are some of the most frequent questions and answers.

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please send email to booking@delightcar.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I book?

You can book with us by sending an email to booking@delightcar.com.  When renting a car, please let me know whom to rent from, what kind of car you need, and where to pick it up and drop it off.

How can I confirm my booking?

We will send you booking confirmation via Email or SMS. 

We are a large group. Can you still provide us with transfer services?

Of course! Please use the contact us to explain the details of your request and our representatives will contact you in order to give you a quote.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via PayPal (with your credit card), WeChat, Western Union,Wire Transfer or cash. Usually we need 30% of the total amount as deposit. You pay the balance in cash to our driver when pick up.  Please check our payment methods here.

For some city limo services,  full payment is needed when booking is confirmed, we will let you know when you make the booking.

What size of vehicle do I need?

Please check the advised car size that suits you.
1-2 Passengers – 4 seats  car
3-5 Passengers – 6 seats van
6-12 Passengers – 17 seats van
13-25 Passengers –  33 seat coach
26-40 Passengers  – 51 seat coach
We offer clean and comfortable vehicles with professional drivers, The above suggestion is based on 1 person with 1 big luggage. If you have more luggage, please consider a bigger size vehicle.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your booking, please update us directly through email or or other contact methods on contact us page. You you may be charged a cancellation fee for the scheduled services.

For single day use: 

If you cancel your reservation due to personal reasons
3 days before service date: 100% refund
2 days before service date: 50% refund
1 day before service date: 20% refund
On the service day: No refund

For multiple days use: 

If you cancel your reservation due to personal reasons
50 days before service date: 100 % refund
20-49 days before service date: 50% refund
5-19 days before service date: 20% refund
0-5 days before service date: No refund

We provide car services around the world. The above is a general cancellation charge. The above cancellation policy does not apply if these is a special cancellation statement on the  booking page for some special city.

How can I meet driver?

Our driver will hold a paper sign with your name on it. For airport we will meet you at the arrival hall. For hotel in the lobby.

I am at the arrival hall but I can not see the driver. What should I do?

Sometimes, it is not easy to locate your driver in a crowded arrival hall of airport. In this case, please go over the signs of drivers waiting at the arrivals hall and try to locate your driver. In case you still can’t find the driver, please contact us on the 24/7 phone or via WhatsApp to receive real time help. Do not leave the arrivals hall using other transportation methods before contacting us.

What if I need to change my pickup time due to delayed flight?

Our driver will keep watching over your flight even if you flight is delayed and check your arrival time until we meet you at the airport. However, if you come on a different flight, please contact us by email or WhatsApp. 

Are there any mileage limits?

The majority of quoted prices include unlimited mileage if you have a detailed travel plan.

However,  if you do not have a rough car use plan and just want to have a full day car rental. The price is usually based on 100 km and 8 hours, you will pay for extra kms and hours.

Can I drive in China?

You cannot drive with an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in mainland China. You need a Chinese diving license to drive in China. Please note that Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan driving licenses are not valid in China.

Do I need to tip driver?

The price you paid is all inclusive price and tipping the driver isn’t mandatory. If you are happy with the service of the driver, you might consider giving small tips.

I just got back from my trip and I am not happy with the service received. What can I do?

If you used our services and were unsatisfied with the quality of service, please contact through email  and explain the details of the incident,  our service representatives will look into the case with the responsible party abroad.