Shijiazhuang Car Rental

Shijiazhuang (石家庄) is the capital of Hebei province. It is about 320 km south south Beijing and 330 km south to Tianjin. The city is relatively young but a prosperous city. It is an excellent base from which to visit gems such as Zhengding, Cangyan Mountain and Zhaozhou Bridge and Hongyagu Glass Bridge.

Shijiazhuang car rental

The best way to explore Shijiazhuang is to hire a car with driver. With our car and driver you can choose where to go or what to do based on your interest and budget. We provide full range of cars in Shijiazhuang including economic car, luxury sedan, minivan and bus. Our drivers are experienced with more than 5 years of driving experience and know local places well.

Our rates are fully inclusive with no hidden extras. You will have a hassle-free and comfortable ride to your various destinations in Shijiazhuang. We provide 24 hours English phone support, you can contact us if you have any problem during the trip.


Our Shijiazhuang Car Service include:

1. Shijiazhuang Airport / Railway Station Transfer.
2. Day hire limo service and out-of-town factory visits
3. Intercity transfers to Handan, Hengshui, Beijing, Tianjin, Cangzhou etc.

Shijiazhuang Car Rental With Driver

Price in USD (The full day rate is based on 100KM 8 hours per day for daily use)
Car PicturesCar TypeSeatsShijiazhuang Airport TransferFull Day in ShijiazhuangShijiazhuang - Hongyagu Glass Bridge (8 hours)Shijiazhuang - Cangyan Mountain (8 hours)
comfort carPassat4$55$130$140$140
luxury carAudi A6L4$65$170$250$250
business vanBuick GL86$70$150$160$160
kinglong coach 35King Long33$160$210$230$230
coach busesKing Long45$170$230$250$250


  1. Our rates include driver, car, fuel. Toll and parking fee on you.
  2. We provide fixed package price if you have an itinerary with exact travel date.
  3.  Our driver will hold sign with your name to pick you up in arrival hall of airport, hotel and train station.
  4. There is no extra charge for flight or train delay.
  5. Deposit payment is needed when booking is confirmed. Please check our payment method here.
  6. Please check our cancellation policy here.
  7. We provide 24 hours English phone and WeChat support.


Tel: +86 151 0108 7860
WeChat ID:delightcar

144-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Citizens of 53 countries and regions can enjoy a visa-free stay of no more than 144 hours when making an international transfer via Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport.

Shijiazhuang Map

Distances of Shijiazhuang to different places and driving time

Shijiazhuang – Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport 40 km, 1 hour drive
Shijiazhuang – Beijing 320 km, 4.5 hours drive
Shijiazhuang – Tianjin 330 km, 4.5 hours drive
Shijiazhuang – Taiyuan 230 km, 3.5 hours drive
Shijiazhuang – Hengshui 150 km, 2.5 hours drive
Shijiazhuang – Handan 180 km, 2.5 hours drive
Shijiazhuang – Xingtai 130 km, 2 hours drive
Shijiazhuang – Cangzhou 230 km, 2.5 hours drive
Shijiazhuang – Baoding 160 km, 2.5 hours drive

Shijiazuang Tourist Attractions

  • Cangyan Mountain (苍岩山) 9:00 – 16:00 CNY35
  • Zhaozhou Bridge (赵州桥)9:00 – 17:00 CNY40
  • Longxing Temple (隆兴寺)9:00 – 16:00 CNY50
  • Rongguo Mansion (荣国府) 8:00 – 17:00 CNY40
  • Xibaipo Memorial (西柏坡纪念馆)9:00 – 16:30 Free
  • Tianguishan Mountain (天桂山) 8:00 – 18:00 CNY65
  • Hongyagu Glass Bridge (红崖谷玻璃桥) Tel:  +86 0311-82810888  Closed at present
  • Hebei Provincial Museum (河北省博物馆) 9:00 – 17:00 Free, Closed on Monday

Advised size of vehicle you need

1-2 Passengers – 4 seats car
3-5 Passengers – 6 seats van
6-12 Passengers – 17 seats van
13-25 Passengers – 33 seats coach
26-40 Passengers – 51 seats coach
We offer clean and comfortable vehicles with professional drivers in Shijiazhuang. The above suggestion is based on 1 person with 1 big luggage. If you have more luggage, please consider a bigger size vehicle.


  1. I want to go from Shijiazhuang railway station to mount Wutaishan. 4 person need one car how much

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