How to Get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin

Yabuli Ski Resort (亚布力) is 240 km southeast of Harbin city and 120 km northwest of Mudanjiang City. Here you can find several modes of transport including regular train, bullet train, bus and car rental.

harbin yabuli transport

1. By train

Plan A.

The most convenient way is from take train K7227 from Harbin Railway Station (哈尔滨站), it travels 3 hours and arrives at Yabuli South Railway Station (亚布力南站), which is the station for the Yabuli Ski Resort.

Harbin – Yabuli South

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance(km) Duration Seat Fares(CNY Yuan) Soft Seat Fares(CNY Yuan) Soft Sleeper Fares(CNY Yuan)
K7047 Harbin
Yabuli South
146 2h 35min ¥32.5 ¥49.5 118.5/124.5

Yabuli South – Harbin

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance Duration Seat Fares Soft Seat Fares(CNY Yuan) Soft Sleeper Fares
K7048 Yabuli South
197km 2h 39min ¥32.5 ¥49.5 ¥118.5/¥124.5


Plan B

Take train from Harbin East (哈尔滨东站) or Harbin Railway Station (哈尔滨站) to Yabuli Railway Station (亚布力站) . The Yabuli train station is located in the town of Yabuli, which is still 28 km from Yabuli Ski Resort. You need to rent a local car to Yabuli Ski Resort at around 70 yuan.

Harbin East/ Harbin – Yabuli 

Bullet Trains:

Regular Trains

Yabuli  – Harbin East/ Harbin

Bullet Trains

Regular Trains

2. By Bus

You may also take public bus from Longyun Bus Station (龙运客运站), which is opposite to the Harbin Railway Station (哈尔滨站). The bus is available at 7:30、10:00 and 13:20,  it will be about 3 hours ride and arrives at  Yabuli Windmill Village (亚布力风车山庄), which is inside of the Yabuli Ski Resort. The bus ticket is 40 Yuan one way.  But it is a little difficult to get the ticket in peak season in winter.

3. By Car

You can also rent a car with a driver. The driver can pick you up from airport/hotel/railway station and drive directly to Yabuli Ski Resort. This way is a little expensive but very flexible and hassle-free. It is the best choice you have 2 or more people traveling together such as a family. The distance is about 240 km and 3 hours’ drive.  If you need car rental service you can contact us by or check the rates and details at our page Harbin Car Rental.


  1. Hi we (2 pax) will arrive at harbin airport on 3/1/2020 at around 9am. What will be the rate for transfer service from airport to yabuli sunshine sports hotel?

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