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The Dali City (大理) is located in the central and western part of Yunnan Province. It has many scenic spots and beautiful scenery. The three towers of Chongsheng Temple, Shibaoshan Grottoes, the Buddhist holy place of Jizushan, Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake, and Dali Ancient City create a charming place, which attracts countless domestic and foreign tourists.

Dali car rental with driver

We provide various types of chartered services in Dali and surrounding areas, including economy cars, luxury cars, business cars, mini vans, medium-sized buses, and large buses.

All our drivers have more than 5 years of driving experience. The car is in good condition. The interior and outside of the car is clean and tidy. Our driver is familiar with the local road conditions and can take you to your destination safely and quickly.

If you need car service in Dali, you can contact us anytime. When contacting us, please inform us of the number of people, the travel date, the specific itinerary,, we will provide a fixed package price.


Our Dali car services include:

  1. Dali airport transfer.
  2. Dali full-day charter service.
  3. Transfer from Dali to Lijiang, Kunming and other places.

Dali Car Rental With Driver

Price in USD (The full day rate is based on 100KM 8 hours per day for daily use)
Car PicturesCar TypeSeatsDali Airport PickupFull Day in Dali (8 hours 100km)
comfort carPassat4$40$130
luxury carAudi A6L4$75$170
business vanBuick GL86$55$150
kinglong coach 35King Long33$115$200
coach busesKing Long45$130$230


  1. The driver will pick you up holding sign with your name at the airport / hotel.
  2. The above prices include driver, car, and gasoline. Excluding parking fees and tolls. (One way transfer includes all costs)
  3. After confirming the service, click here to see the payment methods.
  4. See our cancellation policy here.
  5. We provide 24-hour telephone service, if you have any problems during the trip, you can call us at any time.


  • Tel: +86 151 0108 7860
  • Email: booking@delightcar.com
  • WeChat ID: delightcar

Dali Map

Distances of Dali to surrounding cities

Dali-Lijiang 200km 3 hours by car
Dali-Kunming 330km 4 hours 30 minutes by car
Dali-Baoshan 180km 2 hours 30 minutes by car
Dali-Chuxiong 180 km 2 hours 30 minutes by car
Dali-Nanzhao 100 km 2 hours 10 minutes by car
Dali-Weishan 60 km 1 hour 20 minutes by car

Major Attractions in Dali

Cangshan Mountain (苍山):  8:30 – 16:00 Ticket: 30 yuan / person
Erhai Lake (洱海): Open all day, Ticket: 5 yuan / person
Dali Old Town (大理古城): Open all day Free
Shuanglang Ancient Town (双廊古镇): Open all day, Free
Chongsheng Temple Three Pagodas (崇圣寺三塔):  8:00 – 17:00 Ticket: 121 yuan / person
Shaxi Ancient Town (沙溪古镇): Open all day Admission: Free
Butterfly Spring (蝴蝶泉): 8:00 – 17:00 Ticket: 60 yuan / person
Weishan Ancient City (巍山古城): Open all day Admission: Free
Jizushan Mountain (鸡足山): 8:30 – 17:30 Ticket: 60 yuan / person
ShiBao Shan (石宝山): 8:30 – 17:30 Ticket: 30 yuan / person

Advised size of vehicle you need

1-2 Passengers – 4 seats car
3-4 Passengers – 6 seats van
6-12 Passengers – 17 seats van
13-25 Passengers – 33 seats coach
26-40 Passengers – 51 seats coach
We offer clean and comfortable vehicles with professional drivers in Dali. The above car size suggestion is based on 1 person with 1 big luggage. If you have more luggage, consider a bigger size vehicle.


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    How much would be the charge for:
    April 21 – day trip from Dali to zuocheng village
    April 22 – pick up at hotel in Dali 1 pm and drop off at Lijiang airport
    4 people
    Thank you very much
    My WeChat is +17184195845
    Thank you!

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