Beijing Transport

Reaching Beijing

Beijing Capital International Airport serves as the most important gateway to the capital of China which currently has three terminals. Most international flights are using either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. A complimentary shuttle bus connect between terminals is available. Airport Express which provide an express way to the Beijing city within 30 minutes is also available at 25 RMB per trip only. Facilities at the airport include ATM machines, money changer, banks and post office.

Beijing Public Transport

Beijing airport subway
Beijing Airport Line

The best way to get around Beijing is by taking the subway. This is the fastest way to get you to your desired destination. There are many lines available at this moment and the major lines include:

Line 1 which connects between Pingguoyuan (West Beijing) and Sihuidong (East Beijing),
Line 2 which runs a loop under the 2nd ring road,
Line 5 which connects between Tiantongyuanbei (North Beijing) and Songjiazhuang (South Beijing),
Line 8 which reaches the Olympic Green,
Line 10 which connects between Bagou (North West Beijing) and Jinsong (South East Beijing),
Line 13 which runs a semi-looping from Dongzhimen to Xizhimen,
Batong Line which runs from Sihui to Tuqiao at eastern part of Beijing.
Beijing Airport Line runs from Dongzhimen to Terminal 2 of Capital Airport

Traveling by local buses is not suggested unless you can understand basic communication is Mandarin. Taxi is another means of transportation. All taxis are metered and charged a standard starting fee and a per kilometers fee after first three kilometers. However, most taxi drivers are not English literate. So please get ready with addresses written in Mandarin.

Beijing car hire

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