Top China Travel Apps

Do you plan to travel to China? Maybe you should download these essential apps before you get to China. These Apps alleviate language problem and allow you to use many blocked essential services in China.

WeChat (微信)

WeChat is the most popular social media app. It is similar like WhatsApp but has more functions than WhatsApp. In China almost everybody, old and young use it for daily communication.

Things you can do with WeChat when traveling in China

  • Messaging, voice messaging
  • Share location with friends.
  • Transfer money and pay in stores through the WeChat Wallet
  • Message Translation – Users long-press on a message and then tap the arrow icon on the right-hand side to tap “translate”.

Here is a video to show you how to use its translation function.

Download Wechat

Fanyijun (腾讯翻译君)

It is a cool translation software by Tencent. The software can provide translation between Chinese and English, Japanese and Korean, Spanish, Russian, French, Germany and many languages in both written and oral formats. It provides simultaneous interpretation services, voice translation, dictionary and translation of photographed texts services.

Download Fanyijun


Many popular websites and apps are blocked in China – Google, Facebook, Youtbue, Twitter, WhatsApp, the list is long. VPN (Virtral Private Network) is the best way to help you unblock them. It is an essential app when traveling to China. It can help you access internet freely just like in your country. ExpressVPN is the best and one of the most popular VPNs in China. It gives you high security and fast speed in China. It works well in Windows, Andriod and iOS platforms.

Google Maps (谷歌地图)

Baidu Maps is usually recommended by other articles. However, the biggest problem with Baidu Maps is that it does not have English version. So I still recommend Google Maps. It is available in both English and Chinese version, making it the best map for foreigners in China.

You can use VPN to bypass the censorship of The Great Firewall of China. I personally recommend ExpressVPN, it provides stable connection and fast speed and work well in China.

Trip App (携程) is similar like Expedia. With it you buy flight tickets, hotels and train tickets in China. They accept payment with credit card.

Download Ctrip App

The best site to book your hotel in China. It has both Chinese and English version.

Download Booking App

Bing Search Engine App

Google is blocked in China. So Bing is the best choice for you to search online. Its English and Chinese version both work in China.

Download Bing

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